sábado, 19 de julho de 2014

Reflection of the IP

This was the most valuable experience. I was amazed by these young students/teachers, so creative and commited. Even if most of them will eventually loose their enthusiasm when they start working in schools, it's very impressive their will to make things different and change school. They're quite well prepared and I'm sure they will be awsome teachers.
I learned quite a lot on apps and tablets and a lot of other stuff. It's also a fact that we (the less young teachers) have to start leaving for the students the task of building their own learning, let them fail and learn from failure, instead of "offering them knowledge". The new generations of students have different ways of learning, they are not anymore passive recipients, they have to be engaged in order to keep motivation. "Technology can improve a lesson or destroy a lesson." (Strod, E., 2014). That's a huge task for teachers, to find suitable ways to improve their lessons using technology, but it's also sure that it is a defying task and may produce amazing results and be most rewarding.

In our Portugal country evening we proposed the Secret's Friend Game and I got the nicest message from Prof. Carmen, from Romania, and a piece of Romanian pottery from the city of Korond. Thank you Carmen, I loved your gift and your message!

In the end, these were the most amazing two weeks, somehow we managed to work it all out, complete all tasks, visit Salzburg, Vienna and Linz, quite well. I loved Austria and I'm very thankfull for this opportunity. I will certainly take a lot of new things home.
Since I love travelling and meet new people and new cultures, it was fantastic to learn about all the countries envolved and country evenings were very funny and enlightening.
Thank you all and we'll "see" each other around, after all, we're only a click away :). These two weeks will stay forever in my memories.

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