sábado, 12 de julho de 2014

Reflection of Week 1

The IP isn't called intensive just because. It is really, really intensive: in work, in learning, in interaction, in interest. It has been amazing and I'm very happy to be here and have the opportunity to learn so much from all of these young students/teachers. A well prepared generation, enthusiastic, really digital natives, I really find this fascinating and all the new things: apps, tablets... "I'm loving it".

Cultural evenings are very interesting too. We get to know better the other participant countries and I've found really amazing stuff. I was fascinated by Estonia, but all the other countries were beautifully presented either.

Today we we're working on our Special Interests Group. I'm in the "Tablets in Schools" group and we are researching information to build our presentation. We've assigned tasks and we'll work online or together whenever is necessary.

But life is not only about work and study. Sunday is supposed to be resting day, but we'll have time enough to rest when we get home. We must grab this opportunity to visit Austria so tomorrow the Portuguese team is going to Vienna. I'm really excited about it, I expect it will be another wonderful day spent in good company! 

See you Monday!

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