terça-feira, 15 de julho de 2014

Reflection of the day - 15.07.2014

Today we had a video conference with Martin Ebner about Technology Enhanced Learning anda LMS. Afterwards, we had small groups discussions and presentations about issues raised by Martin's presentation about the Future of Education.
My group was formed by Kaspars, Janis and Allina and reflected and presented on the advantages and disadvantages of Holograms in Education.

For this topic I suggest you to watch the video below. Just amazing, I want to live at that time:

Carlos presentation was about Robotics in Education. Carlos showed us some very nice graphics illustrating 
PjBL - Projecto Based Learning versus PBL - Problem Based Learning.

I also liked the graphic on the 4 Cs of 21st century teacher:

  • Critical thinker - Solving problems
  • Communicator - Understanding and communicating ideas
  • Collaborator - Working with others
  • Creator - producing high quality work
For the second part of his presentation, Carlos talked about Robotics in Education using Lego Mindstorm.Tim and Niklas added a video of their own, assembling and programming a robot with a group of students and then showed us the robot in action.

And then it was time for the Portuguese teacher, Glória Bastos, to make her presentation on Online Learning Environments in Higher Education. She explained the pedagogical model which is used in Portuguese Open University. The presentation raised some questions on the backchannel, some of them were answered by us, the Portuguese students and teacher Glória answered the other ones at the end. It is quite natural that all these questions were raised, because the participants are not online students like we are and they are not familiar to this learning model. We tried to enlightened them :)

PS: Late in the evening we decided to go up at Ars Eletronica Center and see the view from the bar upstairs.
Which are the odds of finding someone from our hometown??? Do you know this girl?
How funny could this be? LOLOLOLOL

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