quarta-feira, 16 de julho de 2014

Reflection of the day - 16 - 07 - 2014

It's time for Kaspars Kiris, the teacher from Latvia University: Learning databases using digital gradebook. He presented us a platform which is used in schools in Latvia: Mykoob. He previously created profiles for all of us and we got into the platform and explored it. It's a platform to use for interaction pupil/teacher pupil/pupil teachers/families families/school, kinda like Edmodo and others.

Daiga challenged us to Learning how to Learn, by assingning us a group work to come up with a practical activity which foster the development of learning to learn skills in the 21st century. Our group - Niklas, Edgar, Vera and myself - designed an activity for 4th graders, where they should create a comic book on sustainability in group work. We tried to define which are the learning to learn skills and we came up with Creativity, Critical Thinking, Collaboration and Communication and those were the skills that we thought would be fostered with the activity we created. These are the notes we took for our presentation:
-Small children 4th grade 10-11 years old

-4 C´s: Creativity, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, Communication

Project week: Sustainability
-Presenting the problem with a Video (Multimedia Tools)
-Encourage them that they can change the situation if they work together
-Put them in Groups
-Do a mindstoarming: What do you know about sustainability, if you think about environment, what do you do?Tell about your experiences
-Present the Tool Comic Life 
-Create a Comic about sustainability 
-Present the comic to your family at the end of the week

Teacher: The enabler, giving the framework and help them to realize their project

Ausma Asnāte Dukure gave us some tips on How to make a good presentation. She came up with some fine tips and scientific explanations on why doing things this way and not the other way. The following discussion was very consensual, because we all recognize bad presentations.

Jānis Trukšāns - DeviantArt: An assistant in young artist education. I loved to watch Janis' enthusiasm while talking about art and making his presentation. We could see a different Janis, more communicative and really passionate by art. Top activity when he asked us to draw some sketches of himself. This guy is gonna be famous, some day, so I must keep the photos of him real carefully :)

These are my sketches, if you can believe it:

And then it was time to hear Edgars Karkovskis: Web based tools for modern schools. K9 Web Protection is a useful tool to block undesired websites at school. Edgars presented us Google PowerPoint and some other interesting tools.

And now let's get ready for the Portuguese Country evening! I'll come back later with fresh news! See you later!


Hi, I'm back from country evening. I think it went quite well, people were in a good mood, we had a lot of fun.

Our evening was shared with Ltavia. They also did a great job entertaining the group.
We did the washing in no time with everybody's help.
But now I'm so tired that today there are no photos. Only tomorrow, if I find the time and the photos.

See you tomorrow!

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