quinta-feira, 17 de julho de 2014

Reflection of the day - 17.07.2014

Dreaminf of producing film? You've got 72 hours - video competition for educacional purposes presented by Christian

Professor Petra Bauer, University of Mainz, Germany presented the international cooperation between courses in higher education in which her University was involved. Then asked for suggestions to promote further cooperation programs.

Wilke Held talked us about a project based learning for Political Education. It was quite interesting the way he proposed the topic's approach where the pupils have to manage life in a village anda learn how to live together and how to make political decisions and why. Very interesting really.

Jennifer Hoff

Marie-Christine Hensel
Jennifer Hoff: Chances and Limits of the Usage of the Interactive Whiteboard in Language Teaching. She gave some examples of interactiv whiteboard exercises.

Marie-Christine Hensel: More Transparency I = More Motivation? She presented TeacherTool is an app for Apple devices that can be used as a notebook for teachers to aggregate information about their pupils' everyday performance and personnal data.

Tobias Bahert: More Transparency II - Tobias explained and exemplified motivation through gamification. Here's an interesting concept:
Challenging Tasks+Feedback=Motivation.

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